Mex-Tex Family Fiesta

Mex-Tex Family Fiesta Mission Statement

The Mex-Tex Family Fiesta exists to preserve and promote Hispanic heritage, culture and tradition, and proudly shares them with all segments of the community. The Mex-Tex Family Fiesta serves as the primary vehicle through which the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce promotes tourism and raises revenue to benefit higher education and other community development projects.

Mex-Tex Family Fiesta History

The assimilation of diverse cultures into the U.S.A. is analogous to the contribution of fabric to a quilt. With diversity among our greatest strengths, it’s unfortunate that adherence to age old customs and traditions have somewhat diminished from one generation to the next. In 1987, the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce sought to develop programs and activities that would help to reverse this trend and started with the Mex-Tex Menudo Cook Off. The Mex-Tex Family Fiesta, now in its 34th year, is the end result of those efforts and has evolved into the Permian Basin’s largest celebration of culture. The event showcases art, dance, music, and food that are unique to Hispanics throughout the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Each year, 10,000+ enthusiasts eat, drink, and mingle at the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta event. Sample one-of-a-kind dishes from the best vendors in the region.

Mex-Tex Family Fiesta Tejano Showcase

The Mex-Tex Family Fiesta features daytime Hispanic cultural entertainment, corn hole tournament, local mascots, children’s area, food, arts & crafts vendors, and evening concert featuring top Tejano artists. In 1987, the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta began as the Mex-Tex Menudo Cook Off.

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